Dom1ne Visuals - Creative Direction, Visual Art + Design

Who Am I

[ Please read in the voice and timbre of Morgan Freeman]

“…Once my days as the fabled Green Power Ranger came to a close, I found myself at a crossroads. I was unfulfilled, and without purpose. But then, I met Fate, who handed me a pencil – and I suddenly had a new mission. The quest for creativity and great design was afire within me, and I began my journey of development fueled by the desire to create something that surpassed myself – something truly outstanding. It is on this path that my yearning soul knows no rest, only the pursuit of visual brilliance, steeped in the heart of imagination.

So, who am I you ask? I am Dom Visuals – an existential sandwich connoisseur skateboarding a line of infinite creative possibilities, destined to bring true balance to the force…”

Alive Print Shop
AYR Wellness
Berlin Bar
Blue Rock Creative
Blueprint Sound
Cirque du Soleil
Clark County Fire Dept

CrossFit Social City
Danileigh (Artist)
Distill Bar
DJ Motiv8 (Black Eyes Peas)
DTP Properties
Evel Knievel Enterprises
Fuku Burger
Glen Lerner

Gold Spike
Green Therapeutics
Grit New York
Hang Ten
Hot Tea (Artist)
Inspire Theater
Jon Taffer (Taffer Media Inc)
Life Is Beautiful Festival

Lucent Dossier Experience
Michael Jackson ONE
MGM Grand Las Vegas
MTV Networks
Oasis Hotel at Gold Spike
OKVMI Creative Solutions
Palms Casino & Resort

R&D Tavern Group
Red Bull
Rhee Gold Company
Shaun White Supply Co.
Therapy Restaurant
Tony Hawk Inc.
Vegas PBS